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Sunless Tan Prep: Ole’s Homemade Beach Body Scrub

Here at OLEHENRIKSEN protecting your skin from damaging and aging

UV rays is a top priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake a natural-looking sun-kissed look with an expertly applied sunless tanner. For an even application, prep your skin to smooth perfection with Ole’s sensorial Eucalyptus and Coffee infused body scrub. Follow with your favorite sunless tanner.

Indulge your senses and get glowing guilt-free!

Ole’s Homemade Beach Body Scrub Recipe

Makes 1.5 cups (approximately 3 treatments)


  • ½ cup of finely grained sea salt
  • ½ cup of finely ground coffee
  • ¼ cup of sesame oil
  • ½ TSP of eucalyptus essential oil


  1. Mix together all ingredients in a small bowl: salt, coffee ground, sesame oil and eucalyptus oil.
  2. Massage mixture into damp skin, in semicircular movements, then rinse well. We recommend using this scrub in the shower, facing away from the running water.
  3. Left over scrub can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for your next home spa experience. Use this scrub 3-4 times a week for radiant, glowing skin year-round.



Coffee tightens pores, removes dead skin cells, and holds a number of anti-wrinkle properties. For these benefits, coffee is commonly used in luxury beauty products and spa therapies to make skin look and feel younger.


Sea salt is also a common ingredient in spa remedies; it contains a number of vitamins and antioxidants that will leave your skin fresh and smooth.


Sesame oil is an important ingredient in home remedy scrubs because it nourishes and softens the skin while the eucalyptus oil purifies and oxygenates.

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Choose Your Perfect Cleansing Cloth

As a man on the go, Ole understands the necessity of a portable, yet potent, sidekick to help maintain a radiant complexion. Enter three unique cleansing solutions designed to tackle personal plagues against pores on-the-go:

the clean truth cleansing cloths: Brighten and hydrate with Vitamin C and Coq10. Lightly scented with orange and vanilla, these multi-tasking cloths will send your sensory reactors to cloud nine!

nurture me cleansing cloths:  Gently whisk away makeup and impurities with Moringa and Borage Seed Oil. Even waterproof mascara is easily swept away, leaving skin bare and fresh.

grease relief cleansing cloths: Refine pores and clear excess oil with botanical AHA’s and Eucalyptus. Stop shine in an instant and gently exfoliate to fight breakouts and remove pore-clogging oil and dirt.

These luxurious cloths combine speed and convenience with high-performance skin care. Enjoy each cloths rich texture, thoughtfully designed to help accomplish the task at hand whether you are looking to exfoliate or gently remove stubborn makeup. These cloths are perfect for the plane, gym, beach or as an unmatched midday refresher when you don’t have time for a total makeup overall.

Shine, stubborn make up, or everyday rush-hour won’t hold you back now! Keep a pack of these cloths in your purse, car, gym bag, or bathroom to keep breakouts away and hassle to a minimum. Now you can put your most beautiful face forward no matter where the day takes you.

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Tea Time with Ole: Home Spa Recipe Healing Ice Cube Facial Treatment

Since the beginning, Ole Henriksen has sought out the most efficacious botanicals for his skincare products. Testing all ingredients at home and in his spa, Ole’s home recipes inspire his skin care lines helping him to combine the best of nature with science. Try this recipe at home for a sensorial skin treat that will leave you glowing!

1. Ice cube tray
2. Chamomile Tea (calm soothe) or Rooibos Tea (anti-aging/brightening)
3. Handkerchief


  1. Select Chamomile Tea or Rooibos Tea. Make a strong batch of tea with your selection.
  2. Fill your ice cube tray with tea and freeze.
  3. Once frozen, take one ice cube out and wrap in a handkerchief (to prevent cold hands). Allow ice cube to melt slightly so that tea seeps through the cloth.
  4. Massage your entire jaw line, cheeks, eyes and forehead for a few minutes.
  5. Follow with Truth Serum Collagen Booster and your favorite OLEHENRIKSEN moisturizer.

Innately instilled with healing anti-oxidants, Chamomile Tea calms and soothes even the most sensitive skin, lightens discoloration and helps heal skin irritations. Chamomile is Ole’s inspiration and key ingredient in his chamomile comfort mask, step 3 of his most popular spa treatment the POWERpeel.

Rooibos Tea is a red tea indigenous to South Africa. Loaded with anti-oxidants, alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc, Rooibos Tea works to smooth skin texture, brighten and slow the aging process. Rooibos Tea is Ole’s inspiration and key ingredient in his bestselling african red tea foaming cleanser.

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  We caught up with Ole Henriksen for his natural secret on how to fake awake for those days when a good night’s sleep seems like a faraway dream. This easy at-home remedy is part of every OLEHENRIKSEN complexion treatment at theOLEHENRIKSEN Spa in Beverly Hills — a truly relaxing and invigorating treatment to de-puff and brighten your fatigued eyes. All you’ll need is two simple ingredients to achieve a more rested look.


  • Half A Cucumber
  • Gauze or cheese cloth

Start by grating the cucumber. This releases the Caffeic Acid, which will reduce swelling in the eye region. Place the shredded cucumber in the center of gauze or cheese cloth and roll into a sushi-like roll. Rest the sushi roll over your eyes and leave in place for at least 10 minutes.

For a complete home spa ritual, Ole recommends using his hydrating lavender infused Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask while the cucumber sushi roll is in place. Take this time to lay on your back on a cushioned carpet with a nice pillow under your head and drift off into meditation while this deeply relaxing mask exfoliates your skin and the cucumber roll brightens and tightens the eye region. Follow with Ultimate Lift Eye Gel to seal in all the benefits from the cucumber booster treatment, leaving you with a fresh, radiant glow!

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Beat the Holiday Rush

Ole’s Renewing Holiday Ritual

Here at OLEHENRIKSEN, the holidays are our favorite time of year. The promise of good friends, great food and the spirit of goodwill make this truly the most wonderful time of the year! We all want to look and feel our best, and self-care is even more important during this hectic season so be sure to make a date with yourself to re-energize!

Personally I like to build in an extra 30 minutes a few evenings a week to unwind and prep for the skin renewal process that happens when I sleep. No matter what products I am treating myself with that evening, I always start with a nice hot shower with rub n’ buff body salt scrub to exfoliate and increase micro-circulation. For my face, I like to treat my skin to POWER PEEL, my professional grade microdermabrasion and peel system. The first step is Almond Polish, to exfoliate while my pores are open from the hot steam, working this into my skin in a gentle circular motion. Next, I rinse and pat dry, to make my skin ready for lemon strip flash peel, a powerful multi-acid peel, over which I layer Chamomile Comfort Mask, a milky clay which calms and soothes the skin while the peel goes to work. After just 10 minutes, I rinse and it is truly amazing the immediate results I see in the mirror, my skin is firmer, radiant, my pores look tighter, and my skin’s texture is so smooth.

I wrap up my evening regimen with truth eye peel concentrate and ultimate lift eye gel to firm, smooth and hydrate my eyes, and a quick layering of invigorating night gel and sheer transformation to resurface and hydrate my face.   By morning I feel transformed and ready for whatever the holidays have in store.

Of course, I love mixing up my routine depending on the needs of my skin, but hope you enjoyed a glimpse into how I stay fresh for the holidays when I need an energizing kick! In the spirit of self care, I have created a complete at home luxury spa experience – the Ole La La Glow From Head To Toe Blockbuster Set. So if you are looking to try or give a variety of my personal favorites you can’t beat this perfectly package limited edition collection. You’ll watch your skin – or your loved one’s skin -transform into beautiful, radiant skin from head to toe!

Remember to care for yourself this holiday season and you are sure to shine and give the best to those around you! Remember a happy face is a beautiful face!



Ole La La Glow From Head To Toe Blockbuster Set Includes:

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Take Ole’s Fresh Face Challenge for a Chance to Win a $250 Gift Bag!

Watch this special message from Ole and learn how to enter to win a full skincare regimen valued at $250!

Click here for sweepstakes details.

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Product Spotlight: The Power of CC

Ole Henriksen, the skin guru to the stars, creates flawless, glowing faces that walk the red carpet and shine on the big screen. The secret? Healthy, radiant skin that’s not “covered up.” He believes in letting your natural skin be the star. When it came time to formulate his own version of the now iconic skincare multi-tasker, CC crème, or complexion correction crème, his perfect truth CC crèmeTM for face AND eyes, creates that flawless radiant complexion – but so much more. It’s jam packed with his staple, vitamin C (5 sources, that is!) and abundant in powerful antioxidants and peptides. This crème is your one-stop skincare stop to brighten, moisturize and plump skin while it is your daily protection against harmful UV rays.

Ole took the CC a step further and formulated a CC just to address the specific needs of the delicate eye area. Eyes show the first signs of aging (or a long night) and Ole always focuses on the eyes, they are the window to our souls.

Both the perfect truth CC crèmeTM SPF 30 and perfect truth CC eye crèmeTM SPF 15 are powered by our signature 5-source vitamin C complex to brighten your skin tone and tripeptide-5 to boost collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve also infused our formula with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant to provide environmental defense, sodium hyaluronate and ceramides to nourish and replenish moisture. Finally, this skin-quenching do-it-all features fine light-reflecting pigments to instantly diffuse imperfections. What more can you ask for in a product?

How to use perfect truth CC crèmeTM SPF 30:
Apply sheer layers and build for additional coverage. For boosted benefits, blend over truth serumTM collagen booster.

How to use perfect truth CC eye crèmeTM SPF 15: Apply to under eye area and gently blend evenly over clean skin. Ole’s Tip: My CC eye crème was formulated to provide essential hydration and anti-aging benefits to the delicate and specific needs of the under eye region, once you sweep on this brightening and correcting crème, you will find there is no need to use any another eye crème – it’s a multi-tasking miracle worker! Cheers, Ole

Have you tried our perfect truth CC crèmes TM? Tell us in the comments, or find us on Facebook or Twitter to share your story with us.

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