How To Prep Skin For Makeup

Featuring Banana Bright Face Primer

A robust skincare routine is important for makeup application, and an effective primer is also a key factor! Makeup primer helps keep your look fresh and touch-ups minimal, ideally keeping makeup set on the skin all day long.

Banana Bright Face Primer is a game-changer for makeup application because it brings you dewy, healthy-looking skin #brightaway. This luminizing primer delivers instant radiance while improving and extending makeup wear. Formulated with vitamin C and banana powder-inspired pigments, it instantly brightens skin, blurs the look of fine lines & wrinkles and hydrates.

Want a sun-kissed effect? Banana Bright Sun-Kissed Self-Tanner + Makeup Primer is an innovative twist to our classic primer in that it has self-tanning properties that warm up your complexion.This vitamin C-enriched makeup primer instantly brightens and gradually tans skin, and is created for all skin types and tones.


There are a few different ways to use makeup primers, depending on your desired results. Whether you wear makeup or not, our primers were created to help brighten and prep your complexion for glowing results. Here are some pro tips.


To use it as a true makeup primer, complete all your skincare steps before moving on to the primer and makeup. This allows skin to absorb all the ingredients and benefits of skincare, such as hydration and sun protection, and create a smooth canvas for cosmetics. Apply primer as the first step of your makeup look to create a glowy base that enhances long-wear results.


Want to lock in your look? Add in primer as the last layer of your makeup to create a more natural finish than powder, foundation or highlighter alone. Simply dab the primer onto your face with fingertips and lightly blend out.


Use it as the top layer of all skincare steps to create a bare-faced, dewy finish. Also known as the “no-makeup makeup look, it’s perfect for staying glowy on laid-back days or as a quick pick-me-up while running errands.


Use it just on the cheekbones and other high points of the face to accentuate your favorite features. This also creates a warming effect, like you just got back from a warm, relaxing vacay.


You’ll likely not want to remove the flawless, long-wear resultsof either primer, but all makeup needs to be removed each night before bed. Wash it off with Truth Juice Daily Cleanser, a gel cleanser that gently removes long-wear makeup, including mascara and liquid eyeliner, without stripping skin of healthy oils.

Want the entire breakdown on your pre-makeup routine? Learn how to layer skincare for glowing results, then shop the Makeup Prep Set for a curated, 3-step system designed to extend makeup wear all day long.