Ole Henriksen Touch Collection is a body care line with skincare benefits. Our signature body cream, BeamCream Smoothing Body Moisturizer, contains AHAs, fruit enzymes and caffeine. It’s a great moisturizer for dry elbows, knees, and stubborn rough patches of skin because it helps to exfoliate while restoring skin suppleness with moisture. The formula’s caffeine helps energize and brighten skin, making it a perfect reach when you want to fight skin dullness on your legs.

This brightening body moisturizer is perfect for use under Firmly Yours Toning Dry Body Oil. This quick-to-absorb body oil feels light on skin. It’s saturated with peptides and Scandinavian berry extracts and oils to indulge the skin on your body with antioxidants and moisture-barrier support. This cruelty-free and clean body oil enrobes skin with luxurious moisture. Ready for ultra-touchable and toned skin all over?